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4 Toys That Help Kids Develop Their Social Skills

Although parents play a direct role in helping kids develop proper social skills, children can also learn to develop good social skills through toys. Of course, some toys are better than others. Here's a guide to some of the toys that'll help your child develop socially.

Building Blocks

Building blocks are not just for developing your child’s intellectual and motor skills, but also good for developing their social skills as well. How? Encourage your kids to share their blocks with others, and discuss what structure to build. Get them to build things with other people, and point out how much faster they got a structure done with another person’s help. This way, your child will learn not only to share but also to work in a team with another person to get something done.

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Board Games

Board games are the type of toys you just have to play with another person at least, if not a few people. By actively encouraging your children to play board games with family members and friends, they will learn to interact with others even in a competitive setting. This means learning to wait their turn, to play fair, and to accept disappointment when they lose to others.

Pretend Play Toys

Dolls and pretend play accessories like plastic kitchenware, toy medical kits and so on are great toys that push children to play pretend with others. Of course, playing pretend alone is possible, but oftentimes kids will realize it is more fun to play with other people. They will not only learn to share their toys, they will also learn to cooperate with others and express their ideas verbally. Even boys love to engage in pretend play, so don’t just assume it’s a girl thing.

Sports-based Toys

As with board games, sporty games usually have to be played with at least another person. Getting your child some plastic rackets and a tennis ball to play a game with a neighbor or sibling is an excellent way to get them moving and socializing at the same time. Of course, you can choose from a variety of other sports toys besides tennis.

Encouraging the development of social skills in your children is extremely important for now and the future. Teaching your kids through toys will help them learn the necessary skills indirectly, yet effectively.

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