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Ebay Woody Toy Story Deals

Toy Story Talking WOODY Cowboy 16 Doll Disney Thinkway Pixar ORIGINAL 1995
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Disney Pixar Toy Story 6 Action Figures Jessie Bullseye Buzz Woody Alien
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Ebay Transformer Deals

KRE O Transformers STEALTH BUMBLEBEE 2 in 1 Car Robot plus 4 Kreon Figures NEW
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Transformers Soundwave US Patent Art Print READY TO FRAME 1986 Decepticon
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Barbie eBay Deals

New Barbie Doll Princess birthday gift set Environmental protection plastics V
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Discount Little Tikes iTikes Canvas Deals

The old days of the Etch-a-Sketch and the Magnadoodle might be over over with the invention of the new Little Tikes iTikes Canvas. Can new technology really beat out the old favorites? Find out what other buyers thought there.

Key Features of the Little Tikes iTikes Canvas

* Works with any generation iPad, * Read More

Cheap Discovery Bay Games Duo Pop for Ipads

Now that smart phones and tablets are becoming more mainstream, digital games have become a very popular form of family entertainment. Discovery Bay Games has introduced Duo Pop as a way for families and friends to further enjoy their iPads. This game is a fast action game for multiple players or teams. Your goal Read More

Cheap Oregon Scientific MEEP! Android 4.0 Kids Tablets

The MEEP toy is one of this year’s hottest electronic gadgets for kids – and it’s one parents love because it gives them more control over what their kids are doing than other electronic toys. One thing that’s been troublesome to parents of a generation that’s raised on electronics is that it’s hard to Read More

Cheap Crayola Light Designers & Features

The Crayola Light Designer could be a considered a 21st century version of the old Light Bright toys. Instead of inserting colored pegs to make a design, children can now use a wireless stylus on a digitalized screen and even create moving images with the designs they have created. Is this high tech drawing Read More

Discount Tabeo 7″ Kids Tablets

Tablets for kids are becoming increasingly popular, with several options now available. This looks like a trend that’s only set to grow as the adult market for tablets simply gets stronger and stronger too. There’s nothing kids like more than to feel like they can do grown up things, and playing with a tablet is now considered one of those! But is this tablet worth the price tag? The first thing you’ll notice about this tablet is how it differs in design to other tablets for kids. Although it’s not exactly like an adult’s tablet to look at, it definitely has less of the childlike designs offered by products like the LeapPad. This will please some kids, who like to think they’re just the same as their parents! The design doesn’t sacrifice on child-proofing though, and this is as tough and robust as it needs to be to handle play from kids. That means you can leave your child to play with this tablet without worrying… Read More

Buy Sphero Robotic Ball iOS & Android Controlled Gaming Systems

The Sphero Robotic Ball looks like a cue ball from a set of billiard balls, but its cute logo gives it away as being something more. For those of you who enjoy unique gadgets and own a smartphone or computer tablet, this might be the perfect accessory. Find out if this simple, yet fun toy is right for you. .. Read More

Discount New 2012 Furby Toys & Reviews

Many parents will probably remember when the original Furby was released in 1998. It was a smash hit back then, and it looks to be a smash hit again this time around with pre-orders high and many places selling out completely. So what makes this toy so popular, and is it worth buying for your child? Keep reading for an answer. It’s been 14 years, but the Furby is finally back, and with vengeance. This new Furby looks like it’s going to take the toy world by storm and become an even bigger phenomenon than the first time around. Furbies are cute… Read More

Cheap Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watches & Spy Toys For Kids

Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watches

Kids of all ages love spy gadgets. That’s why the Spy Net: Secret Mission Video Watch is such a great hit. This amazing spy tool is packed with high tech features including a working video camera and microphone. You (or your child) can secretly record up to 20 minutes of video or 4 hours Read More

Cheap Singing Cheap Machine SML-383 Portable Karaoke Machines

Singing Cheap Machine SML-383 Portable Karaoke Machines

What better gift for your child than something that the whole family can enjoy? The Singing Machine SML-383 claims to be just the kind of gift. It’s a portable karaoke machine that comes with its very own flashing lights. But can a machine of this size really deliver?

* Plays CDs and CD+Gs, * Read More

Syma 3 Channel S107 Mini Indoor Helicopter Review

Syma 3 Channel S107 Mini Indoor Helicopter

Remote control toys are always a popular option for boys, both young and old. If you’ve got someone who has always wanted an RC toy, or who doesn’t yet have a helicopter to add to their collection, then the Syma 3 Channel S107 Mini Indoor Helicopter is an affordable choice. It’s one of the Read More

Uncle Milton Fireworks Light Show Review

Uncle Milton Fireworks Light Show

[easyazon-block align=”right” asin=”B0051MMFRS” locale=”us”]Fireworks are a real favorite among kids of all ages. Their bright and colorful lights, amazing patterns and loud explosions are guaranteed to put smiles on faces. For kids who just can’t get enough of fireworks, the Uncle Milton Fireworks Light Show offers a chance to see them at home, whenever Read More

Cheap Uncle Milton Star Theatre Pro – Reviews

Uncle Milton Star Theatre Pro

Many kids have a love for stars and space. For that reason, there is quite a large market for toys and books for children on this theme. However, there are relatively few products like the Star Theatre, which uses a projector to display images of the night sky on walls or ceilings. In principle, Read More

Cheap Thor Lightning Hammers – Review

Thor Lightning Hammers

[easyazon-block align=”right” asin=”B0049MP8QG” locale=”us”]With the success of the 2011 feature film Thor, and more recently the massive blockbuster that was The Avengers, the superhero character Thor is as popular as he has ever been. A direct result of this popularity has been the production of complete lines of Marvel superhero toys and games, and Read More

The Top 5 Karaoke Machines For Kids

Digital blue barbie karaoke machine

[easyazon-block align=”right” asin=”B004EFT57G” locale=”us”]

If you have kids, there’s a good chance you can find them watching their favorite music videos on YouTube. The music industry has been revolutionized by the online world, and it’s meant a whole new generation of fans that access music more easily than ever. This has created a legion Read More

Discount Squier by Fender Mini Guitars For Kids

no description Read More

Discount Spy Net Night Vision Recording Goggles & Review

The Spy Net Night Vision Infrared Stealth Binoculars are the ultimate in spy tools. Children can record reconnaissance missions and covert operations with these fantastic binoculars that have real night vision technology.Spy Net Night Vision Infrared Stealth Binoculars * Real night vision technology * See up to 50 in complete darkness * Dual eye display * Handheld design * Requires 5 AA batteries (not included) Read More