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Disney Pixar Toy Story WOODY JESSIE Toys
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toy story woody doll
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Transformers Generations Wave 4 IDW 30th Anniversary Deluxe Set Crosscut
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Barbie Doll and Fashions Teresa Gift Set Barbie
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Barbie Color Magic Mermaid Teresa Doll New
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Top Lego Sets for Christmas 2013 Gifts

Top Lego Sets for Christmas 2012

Most kids can’t imagine growing up without Lego, but for adults, the choices can be overwhelming. These are the top Lego toys for Christmas 2013.

Ninjago: Ninjago are ninja looking figures that include both “good guys” and “bad guys”. The good guys look more like ninjas and the bad guys resemble reptiles. The Read More

Top Learning/Educational Toys For Christmas 2013 Gifts

Top Educational Toys For Christmas 2012 Gifts

Instead of giving your child another toy that will just sit on the shelf after a few weeks, give your child the gift of knowledge that will last a lifetime. Here you will find a guide to the top learning toys for Christmas 2012.

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Infants and Toddlers

Nest and Stack Read More

Creating Your Own Collectable Dolls: Sculpting Your Dolls Legs And Feet

Many doll collectors strive to have a unique collection filled with beauty, culture, and fashion. Those who desire to have a unique collection may have been following this blog series about creating your own collectable dolls. This is a fun hobby that combines your greatest passion of dolls and using your own creative mind.

Read More

Development Appropriate Toys for Ages 3-6 Months

As your baby continues to grow, you will begin to notice remarkable leaps in development. The interaction with your baby becomes receptive, with your baby responding more to your emotions and voice, and they begin to recognize and identify many objects with ease. The ages between Read More

Discovering The Best Toys For Summer Playtime

It can be easy to think that the toys our children would love to play with in the summer would be the same as those they love in winter.  While in some respects that might be true, playtime in the summer brings together a completely different range of challenges.

The biggest one of these Read More

5 Themes to Stimulate Kid’s Brains This Summer

Summer break is just around the corner. 2 months is a long time before the little terrors return home for the break, bent on destroying the home as fast as they can. It’s like a game they swear themselves into on the last day of school. The children huddle together to make a deal Read More

Top Tech Toys Of 2013 Revealed At Toy Fair

In February, the 110th Annual Toy Fair took place. It’s hard to believe that the Toy Fair has been in existence for over 100 years. Every year the Toy Fair attracts more and more companies and guests. Over 1000 different companies presented toys and games that they hope will be on your kid’s top Read More

3 Ways To Keep Children Active In the Winter

It is easy for kids, and even for adults, to become more sedentary during the winter months due to the weather and shorter daylight hours. But just because it’s cold outside with either rain or snow, there’s no reason that your kids can’t be active and have fun doing it.

The season of winter Read More

Cheap Discovery Bay Games Duo Pop for Ipads

Now that smart phones and tablets are becoming more mainstream, digital games have become a very popular form of family entertainment. Discovery Bay Games has introduced Duo Pop as a way for families and friends to further enjoy their iPads. This game is a fast action game for multiple players or teams. Your goal Read More

Cheap Sbyke S-16 Patented Rear Steering Scooters & Features

[easyazon-block align=”right” asin=”B005CW73RE” locale=”us”]Kick scooters are popular among kids and teens and now, there’s a kick scooter that owns the market for its versatility not just with younger people but with adults, too. The Sbyke S-16 resembles a regular kick scooter – but only slightly. The changes in the design for this scooter make Read More

Cheap PlaSmart PlasmaBikes & Features

[easyazon-block align=”right” asin=”B004Z1KO6U” locale=”us”]

Learning how to ride a bike is a ritual kids have been going through for decades. But there are injuries your child can sustain that make it a harrowing experience instead of a fun one – especially when they’re just starting out. The PlaSmart PlasmaBike is a balance bike that Read More

Cheap Orbeez Magic Light-Up Globes & Features

Kids have always loved getting toys where something grows, and they also love toys that are colorful and that move. The Orbeez Magic Light-Up Globe combines all of these elements into one. Orbeez are little colorful pieces that you put into water and watch them grow to 100 times their original size. Initially, they’re Read More

Cheap Imperial Toy Zooma Splat X Smack Shot Games

If you’re looking for a fun toy that the whole family will love, try the Imperial Toy Splat X Smack Shot. There’s an LED target locator and safe, soft ammo that you launch to it from up to 75 feet away! All you do is pick which type of ammo you want to use Read More

Cheap Makedo Find & Make Plane Kits & Features

Every parent knows the disappointment you feel when you spend a small fortune on the hot new toys of the year, only to see your child become bored within minutes and go off to play with some cardboard box. Now, you can invest in a toy that has your child “making do” with household Read More

Cheap 4″ Doodle Rolls Art Toys For Kids

If you’re a parent, then you know what a mess artistic toys can be. You have to buy construction paper, butcher paper, crayons, markers, paints, pencils and a whole host of other art supplies to keep kids happy. It’s not so much that the supplies themselves are messy, since some of them are neat Read More

CitiBlocs Neon 100 Piece Precision Cut Wooden Building Blocks Overview

Building blocks have been a favorite toy for children of all ages for decades. There are block sets for tiny toddlers and larger sets that have smaller pieces and more intricate blocks for older kids. LEGO is perhaps the most popular building block brand, but it’s not the only toy in town that reviewers Read More