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Cheap Playmobil Grand Mansion Dollhouses & Reviews

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The Playmobil Grand Mansion is a two story villa with a soft vanilla color designed for children who want to have fun. It has a total of 5 rooms. The design and the rooms give it a dreamy look or a new and real house. It comes with already set-up flower boxes which can be put into the window sills and placed at the ground floor. It also features a sweeping staircase whose main role is to take visitors to the front door. A balcony is innovatively designed on the first floor. All the rooms have curtains and wallpapers. The Playmobil Grand Mansion features well-designed doors and windows which can be opened. It is a good toy ideal for 4 year old kids and above.

Playmobil Grand Mansion Features

Balcony. This is an amazing feature. Gives the kids liberty to enjoy viewing the world wit fun.
Sweeping staircase. This is used to take children to the front door. It also features curtains and wallpapers in every room.
Innovative design. It is made with an innovative design. It is an excellent detail and made to last many years.
Excellent finish
Great fun

Playmobil Grand Mansion Reviews

One of the recent customers who purchased the Playmobil Grand Mansion said, “This is one of my favorite toys and I really love it. I purchased it as a Christmas gift for my daughters. The only problem is my daughter loves it too much.”
Another customer who purchased the Playmobil Grand Mansion said, “An amazing and fantastic doll house. The fact that my kids love playing with it, I can say it is a great toy.” The Playmobil Grand Mansion is one of the popular toys in the market. If you are looking for a fantastic and excellent dollhouse, then make the Playmobil Grand Mansion part of your collection.

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(Top Agents) The well-disguised Secret Agent Headquarters contains covert features, such as a trapdoor leading to the jail, a jet ski hiding place for an emergency escape, and a secret command...

1.47 min. | 5.0 user rating
Sara, Kelsey, Robert, and Christopher are back!! It's spring break! Part 2 will come out hopefully this month or next month!

5.92 min. | 5.0 user rating
Christopher, Kelsey, Sarah, and Robert all have a sleepover with Billy and his sister Giana, and Derrick with his sister Lucy!!!! I'm so so sorry I didn't make videos this whole summer...

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