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Since 1984, Transformers toys continue to be some of the hottest and most sought after products in the toy marketplace. Hasbro will continue to produce these types of classic Transformer toys for children of every age group and the many collectors of these types of toys as well. Optimus Prime, is the leading good guy hero of the Transformers tribe and is really the most famous and most liked character in the story. Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Ultimate Optimus Prime toy showcases this strong leader of the Autobots and his impressive toolbox of weapons.

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Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Ultimate Optimus Prime Product Description & Review

Price Disclaimer
Prices are accurate as of less than 12 hours ago. Product prices and availability are subject to change. Any price and availablility information displayed on Amazon.com at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of any products.

This action figure is 22" tall, he also makes sounds and comes with various weapons.
Best age group for Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Ultimate Optimus Prime is boys and girls 5+ years old. Because this toy comes with small parts that are a chocking hazard, younger children are not advised.

The Transformers: Dark of the Moon Ultimate Optimus Prime comes with lights as well as sounds, and he can go through numerous transformations. While most Optimus Prime Transformer toys can only transform into trucks or cars, this one comes with Omega Combat Armor that changes into the trailer for the truck. This toy is very tough, and will endure most of the bashing and banging which it will get by kids of younger ages.

Features Of The Optimus Prime Transformer Toy

  • Makes battle sounds
  • Weapons light up
  • Coverts from a trailer into Omega Combat Armor with extended wings
  • Optimus Prime figure fits inside his combat armor
  • Ultimate Super Cannon flips into place
  • Extending wings

Transformers Movie Dark of the Moon Mechtech Ultimate Optimus Prime Hasbro NIB
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Ultimate Optimus Prime DOTM Transformers Dark Of The Moon MISP
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Transformers Dark of the Moon DOTM Mechtech Ultimate Optimus Prime 2011 Incomple
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Transformers Optimus Prime Toy Review Of Features

The best thing about the Transformers Ultimate Optimus Prime is the fact that it's so much fun and feature packed.When your kid sees this Transformer toy, they will definitely love it. It's the biggest Optimus Transformer toy model you can buy, and is perfect for showing off with!

To begin with, this Transformer has 3 different models of play, there is the power-up mode, robot mode as well as trailer mode. When this toy is transformed to trailer mode it can be played with for hours as a truck, since the wheels move it can be easily pushed and driven over floors like all other truck an car types of toys.

Price Disclaimer
Prices are accurate as of less than 12 hours ago. Product prices and availability are subject to change. Any price and availablility information displayed on Amazon.com at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of any products.

This Optimus Prime is the best version so far. This toy offers complex transformation, great collections of weapons, and slick paint that makes it a fun and great looking toy for kids and collectors alike. Prime has expandable wings, and transforms from the classic Transformers protagonist to a durable tractor trailer truck. This Transformer toy also has fun lights, sounds and all the bells whistles along with the very neat Ultimate Super Cannon.

When it comes to the other modes, they both look impressive. Optimus has a massive wingspan and looks great on display for kids who like to show off their toys. It's also pretty durable (as much as it can be with thin wings sticking out) and will stand up easily on its own. It'll light up and make sounds, adding to the fun factor. The included Mechtech ports mean that you can buy separate accessories and attach them to this model.

It has to be noted, however, that this Transformer toy is extremely challenging to put together. The manufacturer age recommendation is 5+ years, but you're definitely going to have to assist them to assemble it.

Having Fun with Ultimate Optimus Prime Transformer Toy

The feet have been designed so that he stands firmly on two feet
There are a number of slots on the trailer that additional weapons can be popped in
Lots of weapons
Hours of fun transforming

Price Disclaimer
Prices are accurate as of less than 12 hours ago. Product prices and availability are subject to change. Any price and availablility information displayed on Amazon.com at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of any products.
Great color and long lasting paint
Durable toy

The wings detach frequently, and shoulder guards pop off
There is a limited range of poses that the action figure can hold

Customers Reviews
A lot of the people that have purchased this Transformers toy are more than satisfied and many are actually teen and adult collectors. The number of movements and steps required to transform the Optimus Prime Transformer toy from robot to trailer is around twenty, this maybe complicated for smaller kids, but it's a great learning process an most of them do figure out, an their parents can help. While this is can be an expensive toy from Transformer fans, it is 32% off at Amazon.com.

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Yahoo Answers For Transformers Toys
Question Popular Transformer Toys?
We want to buy our 6 year old grandson a Transformer toy for xmas.Whilst we understand the basics of this toy,can you help us by suggesting is there a particular one which is in the fashion.Thank you for your time.

Best Answer Currently, you'll find several "lines" of Transformers toys on store shelves: Rescue Bots are geared towards small children (3-6) and are very easy to transform--so much so that they're usually shelved alongside the Fisher-Price type toys rather than with the other Transformers. These may be a little too simple for your grandson. Transformers: Prime and Transformers: Beast Hunters are based on the TV series that has been airing the past few years, and Transformers: Generations are based on comic books, video games, and/or are updated versions of the original Transformers characters from 30 years ago. Most of these *should* be easy enough for your grandson to transform; the packages feature a number that indicates the level of difficulty of transformation (1 for easy, 2 for intermediate, 3 for advanced). For a six-year-old, some Transformers may be a little too complicated to transform to be enjoyable, so it might be good to pay attention to the difficulty level. Construct-O-Bots are the newest line of Transformers toys, and they're basically Transformers that one builds oneself out of parts (which can be interchanged between models). They're equivalent to Lego's "Bionicle" line. The robots look a little odd, and their vehicle modes even odder, but the idea of building and customizing one's own Transformer may appeal to your grandson. Bot Shots are small Transformers used in a specialized game, not unlike Pokemon or the old trump card games. They're better bought in multiple quantities and with the assurance that one's friends have their own Bot Shots to play against. Kre-O is Hasbro's brand of Lego, and are basically Lego-styled Transformers. Unfortunately, the toys don't actually transform; one builds one mode of the model (e.g. the robot version), and to "transform" it to its alternate mode, one literally has to take the blocks completely apart and build the alternate mode from scratch. Transformers is an odd toy franchise in that not only are many characters existent across the multiple lines, every few years the franchise "reboots" itself with a new TV series or a new movie to make a new set of toys based on the same characters. So there may be multiple versions of Bumblebee (one of the most popular characters) on the shelves of your local stores, at least one from each line. The most popular characters (and the ones to look out for) are the following: Optimus Prime - the leader of the good guys; he usually converts into a red and blue truck. Bumblebee - the young, prominent hero among the good guys: he usually converts into a yellow car. Megatron - the leader of the bad guys; as a bad guy, he's not as popular among some kids when it comes to toys, but he's recognizable, and if a kid has an Optimus Prime, it's worthwhile to give him a worthy adversary. :) Starscream - Megatron's lieutenant -- usually converts into a jet. Within toylines there are usually other "jet" characters that are identical to Starscream except for their color (Skywarp is purple, Thundercracker is blue, and so on). Most kids will probably prefer Starscream (who's usually gray and red). From the recent Transformers Prime series, other prominent and desirable characters among young boys would probably include: Bulkhead (green armored truck), Wheeljack (white sports car with green and red accents), Smokescreen (gray sports car with blue accents), Ultra Magnus (blue and gray truck), and Predaking (black and orange dragon). If your grandson is a serious Transformers fan and has a collection already, you may make his holiday by getting one of the big "30th Anniversary" commemorative toys, which you'll recognize by their big red and gold boxes and their scary price tags (the most expensive, Metroplex, billed as the largest Transformer toy ever at over two feet tall, costs about $120-$150). But if he's young and might be content with a nice-sized regular Transformer toy, you might want to avoid these. :)
Question The best Transformers toys?
Which line (G1, Armada, Henkei, ROTF.. etc) and which unit its consider Transformers the best unit of all? It is the MasterPiece or Binaltech line?

Best Answer I think the answer is obvious. Ranking in order. First up is the Masterpiece Transformers. Expensive but worth its price paid for. This one has a lot of details and moving parts; And a good degree of realism. I have a few of the Masterpiece TF, For one thing they are very sturdy to play with and make good displays. Next up is Binaltech. I see this as a level below the MP TF line. Well Binaltech and alternatorrs. The toys are licensed by the manufacturer of the car it represents and is, to scale with type of it changes into. For example. Tracks is a corvette. And has the Chevrolet logo on him. Or wheel jack is a Ford Mustang. They are pretty hard to transform. But have really good deail and can be displayed either in robot or car mode. Despite the details, Binaltech is made mostly of metal and the alternators are made completely out of plastic. But still has decent quality. I have one alternator. Richochet. Like the MP TF, this like is centered on adult collector's only. Its still far better quality than the current TF lines from the new TF movie Next. Henkei or Classics. Depending where you are. I was looking into that line once. I mean the Henkei line is pretty much an improvement of the G1 transformers. In appearance. The faces do look the same.. And have some good joint movement. G1 TF everyone knows. It was the best toy in the 80s. But right now only one company sells reissues of the G1 TF line. Thats Takara. The optimus prime G1 molds were used a few times for the TF Music label line. In truck mode Optimus Prime hitches to a trailer that is a pair of speakers for the Ipod. But the figure behaves like the original. ROTF is the current TF toys. Personally compared to the G1 TF the G1 has much better quality. The current ROTF quality is very cheaply made its centered towards kids. Walmart has an exclusive MP edition skywarp figure for sale. If you're looking for one.
Question whats the history of transformers?
im doing a power point and i want to know all i have is that it got started in 84', but who owned it at first and who ownes it now and is it a product? but basically i need a site or a person to tell me how it got to now and i need a site that has nice pics of the first transformers to 2009

Best Answer In 1984, children across America discovered the Transformers. The toys, starting with Autobots (which turned from cars into robots) came from the Japanese manufacturer Takara, courtesy of Hasbro. But as we all know, they REALLY came from the metal planet Cybertron, and were looking for new sources of energy. Optimus Prime, disguised as a semi-truck, was their leader. Decepticons were the bad guys, designed for war. Their commander, disguised as a World War II-era Walther P38 gun, was Megatron. Decepticons were complex; they include Soundwave, a robot that turned into a tape recorder. Kids were enthralled, with good reason. In addition to the toys, which began selling in April, the Transformers cartoon debuted in September 1984 with its tagline "More than meets the eye!" Ratings went through the roof, along with toy sales. The die-cast robots sold for $8-10, three times as much as the more popular GoBots. There were other media tie-ins: Autobots battled Decepticons in Marvel Comics. The Transformers comics, intended as a four-issue set, eventually lasted for 80 issues. A year later, new Transformers came out with new twists: a set of Decepticons could unite and change into Devastator. Constructicons, Insecticons, Jumpstarters, Omnibots, and Dinobots were introduced. In 1985, Transformers ousted Cabbage Patch dolls to become the top-selling toy in the U.S. New toys were added each year; 1986 saw the first battle station, Trypticon. An animated movie came out that year as well. In 1987, the two-foot-tall Headmaster, Fortress Maximus debuted. Fortress Maximuss transformed into not just a battle station, but a city. Targetmasters, Powermasters, Pretenders, Micromasters . . . and that's just Generation 1. In 1992, Generation 2 appeared. They changed colors in water, purred and beeped. In the mid-90s there were the Beast Wars, with Maximals and Predacons, and the first female Transformer, Blackarachinia. (Clearly, procreation was not a problem for the twelve-year-old toy line, so the reason for a female remains murky.) A dark side hovers over the Transformers, however. Since the first toy commercial appeared on TV in 1952 (Mr. Potato Head, if you're interested), the FCC had wrestled with the twin demons of advertising to children, and violence in children's shows. Parents in the 1970s had fought for and won several key victories. It remained illegal for characters in a kid's show to sell a product, and war cartoons were limited. In fact, G.I. Joe was taken off the market in 1978. By 1984, though, President Reagan's deregulation policy had filtered through the FCC, and all rules were voided. The 1977 movie Star Wars showed manufacturers how profitable toy tie-ins and product licensing could be. By fall 1984, children's TV was packed with shows that sold toys constantly. Transformers, Masters of the Universe (He Man), Voltron, and Rainbow Brite all vied for children's attention. The shows were the commercial. Tranformers grew in popularity, and Hasbro went on to gobble up companies like Playskool and Milton Bradley. By 1986, 51 different companies were selling over 120 products with the Transformers logo on them--including ZipLock bags. The last bill vetoed by President Reagan in 1988 was the Children's Television Act. It would have reduced commercial minutes on cartoon shows and required more educational television. But in 1988 as now, there was no way to put the genie back in the bottle. Transformers are transforming again, from animation to full 21st century CGI effects on the big screen. Resistance is futile . . sorry, wrong show.