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Discount Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game

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Angry Birds is one of the most popular games in the gaming world today. It’s simple, fun and addicting smartphone game. It is now slowly making its way to gaming devices and consoles. The game is so popular, that the game creators have made millions of dollars from it. The game creators continue to make games like these and make these new games accessible to the general public as soon as they are finished. One of these products, Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game, is a children’s toy that emulates the game perfectly.

The Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game creates a perfect simulation of what is going in the Angry Birds game; you launch a bird to topple over buildings and structures made by the game’s antagonists, the green pigs. Successfully toppling these buildings and beating the pigs wins you the game. But this game is a little bit different, as this game can be played by 2 or more players ages 5 and up.

How To Play The Game

As explained above, the game mechanic is just like the one you see on the smartphone. However, the points are based depending on the cards you draw, and how many birds you used up as you try to topple the pigs’ buildings. To play, you must first draw a card. You will then have to build the structure listed on the card. Upon building it, you must use the birds to bring it down. The lesser the number of birds used, the more points that player gets. Then, the next player gets his or her turn, and draws a card as well. Repeat the steps above and that’s the game. The player with the most number of points wins the game. It’s really that simple and a great buy for Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game At Amazon.

And to bring more challenge to the game, each card in the set contains different mechanics and instructions. For example, a card may include bonus points, or it requires the player to do several tasks in order to complete his or her turn. The possibilities are endless with this type of game.

Customer Reviews
Customers have found this game to be as addicting as the electronic game they play on their smart phones. Many find that this game is perfect fun for the whole family. Also, it’s a big hit with the kids. One benefit of this game, according to one parent, is that it promotes creativity and imagination of the child. He or she can follow the buildings specified on the cards, or they can make up one of their own. With additional parts, they can build even more complex buildings and structures, which they can use later for their games with their friends. So for parents, it really is a great toy, because it not only entertains their children, but also enhances their creativity and imagination.


- Simple mechanics, just like the original game.
- Buildings are easy to assemble, and topple as well.
- It promotes creativity and enhances the imagination of the children to build even more complex structures for their games.

Time Remaining: 26d 1h 16m
Buy It Now for only: $9.95
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Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods2 pkPrincess Leia Bird R2 D2 EggExclusiveNEW
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Angry Birds TelePods Go Multi Pack New In Box Ages 5+
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Angry Birds 5 Talking Red Bird Plush for Throwing
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Angry Birds Plush 5 Green Pig with Helmet w Sound Tags RARE
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Star Wars Angry Birds Telepods 2 pack Yoda General Crievous NEW
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Star Wars Angry Birds Telepods Series 2 Very Rare Shock Trooper
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Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods2 pkYoda Bird Anakin Skywalker BirdPadawanNEW
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Angry Birds Star Wars Star Destroyer telepods Hasbro Game 10 figures NIB
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Angry birds plush
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- Contains various small parts that may pose a risk to younger children.
- Contains only a few building parts, so you are limited only to the structures specified on the cards. Buying another play set remedies this one though.

Final Review
Parents love it and children love it as well. Overall, it’s one of the best toys out in the market today for Angry Birds fanatics. Children and their parents will surely enjoy this game, especially if they are fans of the Angry Birds game. You will have fun building, launching and destroying the wooden castles. With so many options you’ll have fun for hours. You can find this game online at Amazon.com for a reduced price.

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