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Discount Fisher Price Better Batter Baseball And Review

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The Better Batter Baseball set is a Fisher-Price toy that aims to improve on the old-school baseball tee. By suspending the ball from above, children don’t have to try so hard not to hit the tee. In addition, this toy plays baseball sounds to make it feel like your kid is playing in a stadium.

Features Of The Fisher-Price Better Batter Baseball Set

* Adjustable height, * Mechanical arm auto-loads ball, * Sound effects, * Teaches kids to keep their eye on the ball, * For ages 36 months to 8 years.

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Fisher Price Kids Better Batter Baseball Play Set T Ball Practice NEW
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Is The Better Batter Baseball Set Worth Buying?

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The Better Batter Baseball set looks pretty decent at first glance. The height is adjustable which means the toy can match your child’s growth and last a bit longer. It also auto-loads new balls at the press of a foot-plate which makes it easier for young children to play.

The most entertaining features of this product are the sound effects and music. Kids generally love to hear stadium sounds and cheering crowds, and this really adds to the enjoyment. It’ll win your child’s enthusiasm for baseball!

In terms of comparison with the old fashioned baseball tee, this product attempts to improve on the concept by suspending the ball from above. This means there is less chance of a child striking the holding arm than there is of striking a tee, allowing the child to concentrate more on the position of the ball rather than worrying about aiming high enough to miss the tee.

Unfortunately there are a few problems with this product. Firstly, there are no batteries included. This is a minor point, but it’s always annoying when you have to buy batteries separately when you’ve already paid for a product.

A more annoying issue is that balls sometimes don’t come lose when struck. The Velcro is fairly strong, and even with an adult taking a shot the ball will still sometimes stay put. This is not always the case, so it’s not a complete failure, but the product would definitely benefit from improvement in this area.

Another issue is that the arm that holds the ball sometimes falls off when struck accidentally. This is another frustrating problem that Fisher-Price could probably have solved without too much extra effort. As it stands, when the arm comes off it’s easy to reattach but requires adults to do the job.

A final issue is that the stand does fall over fairly easily. If your child is rough then the chance of this happening is obviously increased. Whilst the product is fairly durable, it may not withstand excessive amounts of battering – whether from toppling over or from being accidentally struck with the bat.

Overall this is a pretty good product that suffers from some faults. It’s certainly different from using a traditional tee, but it’s really down to the individual as to whether it’s worth the extra money. Kids will probably love it, just know that you may have to put up with some little issues from time to time when using the Better Batter Baseball set.

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