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Discount Kidkraft Suite Elite Kitchens & Review

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There's nothing like a toy kitchen to get your child's imagination going. Although there are many different toy kitchens available on the market today, nothing beats the detail and quality of a Kidcraft kitchen. Their current option - the Kidcraft Suite Elite Kitchen - boasts excellent features at an affordable price tag. But is it worth buying for your child? One of the best things about Kidcraft products is that they're made to a high standard. This helps your money to go further, meaning that the kitchen will last through more than one child, and withstand typical rough treatment that little ones are bound to give it. It's also easy to keep clean: just give it a wipe down with soap and water. Aside from its construction, the details on the Kidcraft Suite Elite Kitchen are very impressive. It's the small things that make a difference to your child's enjoyment of any toy. From the cordless telephone to refrigerator storage, your child will have no trouble letting their imagination run free when they start to cook up their favorite foods.

Features Of The Kidcraft Suite Elite Kitchen

* Detailed toy kitchen,
* Uses in-set hinges for durability,
* Doors open and close,
* Sink can be removed for cleaning,
* Includes real clicking and turning stove controls,
* Shelving for storing kitchen tools,
* Does not include accessories,
* Requires assembly (instructions included).

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Is The Kidcraft Suite Elite Kitchen Worth Buying?

Like many other detailed toy kitchen, the Kidcraft Suite Elite Kitchen is more expensive than your average toy. Unfortunately, though, the price doesn't include any of the food accessories that your child is going to need if they're really going to play chef. If you don't already own any, make sure you buy these separately at the same time as you buy this kitchen set. Also bear in mind that this will take a while to set up. It needs to be done by an adult, and requires a power Phillips screwdriver to help speed up the process. There are over 35 parts to put together, and if you want to mount it to the wall for stability it'll require even more set up (plus the mount accessory which is sold separately).

In short, although it may take some time to set up and doesn't come with the food accessories included, the Kidcraft Suite Elite Kitchen is a detailed kitchen that'll really help to encourage the imagination of both boys and girls. The price is about right, too, when compared to similar sized kitchens available to buy.

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