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Toy Storage Solutions & Cheap Toy Chests & Benches

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Even though we all like to supply our children with toys that will allow them to learn and also stimulate their imaginations while having fun playing, this is often too much to handle when you have an abundance of toys laying around, and the mess it can create in your home. Today, the stores are full of options for storing and keeping toys organized, but nothing beats having painted toy chests for your kids to have in their rooms or in playrooms, if that is an option in your home. Plastic bins are okay, but they are not as nice as wood toy boxes, and they certainly don't have the same homey feel as something more substantial. Toys can be a problem when they are left out, and one of the first chores any child can learn to do is to pick up their own toys. Look for great looking toys chests that have safety in mind for your kids.

Cheap Toy Chests

Little Tikes Toy Box Chest 34x20x18
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Wooden Toy Chest Box Storage Organizer Bedroom Kids Child Furniture Alder Trunk
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Wood maple color toy storage chest with wheels
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Wooden Toy Chest Box Storage Organizer Bedroom Kids Child Furniture Trunk Cherry
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Wooden Hall Seat or Toy Chest Pattern Winfield Collection
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Lot of 104 Small Plastic Gumball Machine Prizes Treasure Chest Toys NIP
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Toy Storage Bench To Save Space

Toy boxes are great for storing toys, as long as you can get your kids to use them and pick up after themselves. For some kids, this is quite a challenge. Why take the time to pick up the toys you are done with when other toys are just waiting for playtime? If you have a small place, or if you are just tired of the clutter, toy boxes or chests are not your only options. A toy storage bench can not only contain the toys, it also doubles as a useful place where your child can sit. A toy storage bench can be big enough to hold quite a bit of toys, but you only want something that fits in your space. Though your child can always sit on their bed or stand up to get dressed, they can also use the bench to sit down to get socks and shoes on. If you have a small table, they can pull that table up to the bench for a great space to do their homework when you don't have room for a larger desk or when they don't like a desk. They could also use this space to have a snack in their room, if you allow that.

Painted Toy Chests

Painted toy chests are better than unfinished chests because of the obvious danger of splinters. You can build your own if you are handy with wood, but be extra careful to sand everything to an extra smooth finish and to finish it off with paint that is safe for kids and a finish over that to stop the paint from chipping after long term use. This is a great craft for a woodworker, but if you won't know about building, it will be cheaper and safer to buy something already made. When you are choosing painted toy chests, find out more about the hinges on the lids of the chests. These can be simple hinges that you would use on a door, but those can be hard on children. If the top of the chest falls closed, which happens often as children do not really understand gravity just yet, they can get their fingers or even their heads hit by the falling lid. Most good chests have hinges that are made to close slowly if left open, or will not close at all. This eliminate broken or bruised fingers and goose eggs on little heads.

You can find almost any type of painted toy chests out there for any child. If they have a favorite show, you can probably find that show on a toy chest, though looking online is your best bet for this. Just remember that if you buy something that is meant to last, they may outgrow characters from preschool shows and want to get rid of the toy bin. If you worry about that, get them something that is colorful or matches their room, but that does not have something they are not going to like a year down the road. If you suspect you will pass painted toy chests down from one child to the other, plain colors are best. Searching for the right toy boxes can be hard. They are not as common in stores as they once were as manufacturers tend to try to push newer toy storage options onto the store shelves. You can still find them in larger toy stores, but you can also see what you can find online. You are going to have to pay extra for shipping, but you are far more likely to find exactly what you want when you use the Internet to search for the perfect wooden toy box for your kids.

Shop Toy Benches

$2.25 (3 Bids)
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Toy Box Bench Kids Childrens Room Storage Organizer White Wood Ikea Apa NEW
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Vintage Little Tikes Dollhouse Victorian Bench Storage Chest Toy Box With Lid
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Rubbermaid Deck Box with Seat Patio Yard Outdoor Storage Bench Shed Pool Toys
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Fisher Price Loving Family Coat Rack and Storage Bench Excellent Condition
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Daycare fire truck art desk and storage bench
Time Remaining: 2d 17h 14m
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If your children love to play outside, a toy storage bench is something that you may want to have in your foyer or a backroom that you use to go out into the yard. They can keep all of their outdoor items like baseball bats and balls, balls, trucks, or whatever else they like to take outdoors with them. These items can be stored at all times in there, and will be out of the way, and they also have a place to put on or remove shoes whether putting them on to go out to play, or for taking off dirty ones you don't want walking through the rest of your house.

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In fact, if you want to use the toy storage bench in a foyer or near any other door, you may want to see if you can find one with a tall back on it. This can be used to hang coats and other outdoor clothing items. This way everything has a place and as soon as your kids remember to use it rather than just throwing coats on the floor, this area of your home can be clutter free and much easier to navigate for everyone. Just remember they can become top heavy so make sure it is sturdy and attached to the wall if necessary.

For a great project with your child, or even just for you, see if you can find an unfinished toy storage bench that you can either stain or paint to match your home décor. These are more work but they are also something that can be a lot of fun. If you are crafty, you can paint designs on them or add special touches that match your child's bedroom if the bench will be kept there. If not, you may not want to bother with this, but finishing furniture can be a lot of fun.

Toys Storage Solutions And Options

Appropriate Toy Storage Sizes

You will find various kinds of storage readily available for various kinds of toys and games. It might be luring to throw all the kids a single large container, however this really is not practical for several reasons. For starters, children can't get access to toys and games which will lay at the very bottom of the box easily, and therefore could forget about them. And, likely they may just dump out the whole box making more of a mess. As an alternative, it is better to use toy boxes for small toys, and bigger ones for the big ones.

Price Disclaimer
Prices are accurate as of less than 12 hours ago. Product prices and availability are subject to change. Any price and availablility information displayed on Amazon.com at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of any products.

Safety Concerns For Toy Storage

If you are planning to install toy storage products directly in the child's bedroom you will want to take into consideration safety concerns. Despite the fact that older kids will likely be OK, you need to avoid sharp edges or hard to operate boxes for toddlers. You might also wish to steer clear of hanging solutions in case your toddler gets caught up in them.

Rotate The Toys For Easier Toy Storage Solutions

In the event you really do not have much toy storage space then a good option is a toy rotation system. It is possible to store the bulk of the toys and games in the attic or some other out of the way storage area, and only keep a few out at one time. This is great to keep toys fresh as kids do get bored. When your kid gets bored with them, exchange these toys for a few others. This helps to save space and means you'll be picking up fewer toys at a time.

Storage Solutions That Display Toys

Even though you don't wish to the home to look cluttered, one particular strategy for the kids' bedrooms is to place their toys on display that also serves as storage. This might mean dedicating shelves to show off their stuffed animals, or hooks for them to hang up their favorite items that act as toy storage. This can help to increase the wall space, and help remind your children to put the toys back themselves once they're done playing with them.

Limit The Number Of Toys You Purchase

Finally, you could use all of the toy storage solutions on the planet, however they will not work if your little one possesses way too many toys and games! You have to keep close track of the amount of toys you purchase an be reasonable. It's a good idea to donate or sell any that they no longer play with and let them know that they don't have infinite space for brand new toys. This also teaches valuable lessons, and prevents the toys from losing their meaning, which often happens when there are too many toys.